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Reviews Spanaway locksmith 
Spanaway locksmith is fantastic! I found him using a google search when we were in the process of buying our home. His availability was great, and I thought the prices were reasonable. He was also super fast and friendly. I highly recommend his services
best service !!
"Spanaway locksmith is fantastic! "
Oh my goodness! Spanaway locksmith saved me! 
I locked myself out of my house (I'm a student so I tend to be irresponsible and also not have tons of money to pay for things). unlock my bottom lock for me. On top of that he showed up in 10 minutes, which was SO comforting and he took a credit card. All around sweet and amazing guy, super helpful and very honest and fair. I would recommend him for any time of locksmith service, because you will be treated with integrity. Highly recommend him and honestly he is one of the most amazing and sweet people I've met in Spanaway .
"I would recommend him for any time of locksmith service "
Spanaway locksmith made the unpleasant experience of getting locked out of my apartment perfectly pleasant. I was exasperated that I couldn't get a hold of my (off-site) landlord on a saturday afternoon, and after I watched my lock get picked and prodded I was granted re-entry, only to find the broken piece of my key on my apartment floor. Word to the wise - don't use broken keys!! When all was said and done the price was very reasonable, and I would definitely call him again.
"When all was said and done the price was very reasonable"