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Our Safe Services include:

Find Lost Combinations, Replace Lost Safe Keys  
Unlock Stuck Bolt Work and Repair
Drill Open safes, repair and put back into service
Safe combinations changed
Safe Repairs
Lock Upgrades from dials to keypads on most safes
Safes can fail to open for many reasons. The lock can simply wear out. Prior to lock failure there may be many signs however are slight and may go unnoticed until it's to late.

Electronic Safes use batteries and suggest when your safe lock sounds or acts strange to check the battery.

Over time internal safe parts wear, dials become loose or combination sequence and numbers are forgotten.

Safes Opened & Repaired

 Locksmith Spanaway  are highly trained professionals who will open your safe in a timely and confidential manner, and will ensure that your safe opens without compromising any of the contents inside of it. If you need your safe opened or have an emergency safe opening situation where you lost the combination to, we can help open your safe. 

In a situation that requires a safe to be drilled, the safe opening is done by a qualified safe technician. In addition to the training, skills and experience required, some of the tools we use to perform safe opening include: Bore scopes, Drilling Rigs, Carbide, Diamond and High Speed Drills

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